Minutes THA May 2018

Trumbull Housing Authority Meeting

April 30, 2018

4:00 pm

Community Room of Stern Village



Commissioners Present:  Chairman Janice Kopchick, Suzanne Donofrio, Douglas Sutherland, Deborah Dowd and Paul Niebuhr

Also Present:  Executive Director Harriet Polansky

The meeting was called to order at 4:07 pm by Chairman Kopchik.  This was followed by Roll Call and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Past Minutes

Ms. Polansky presented the following changes to the minutes of March 26, 2017:

  1. Page 1 under Treasurer’s Report should read “For the past six months…”
  2. Page 2 under Executive Director’s Report, third paragraph, should read “The automatic laundry service will be installing…” “Residents will be alerted when they are installed.”
  3. Page 2 under Resident Comments – “Maureen – commented on the dinner…”

Mrs. Kopchik motioned to approve the minutes of March 26, 2018, as amended.  Seconded by Mr. Sutherland and approved with an abstention from Ms. Dowd.

Treasurer’s Report

Ms. Dowd reported for the Trumbull Housing Authority for the period ending March 31, 2018.  Stern Village and Stern Center currently have an overall gain of approximately $138,741.  The current reserve balance is $750,256 which is approximately $3,380 for each unit in the entire complex.  The overall cash position as of March 31, 2018, shows a balance of $689,197, including the investment account.  Accounts Payable is approximately $77,682 including the PILOT accrual for the current year.

Executive Director’s Report

Ms. Polansky reported the following:

  1. At the present time, the Village has ten vacancies and the Congregate has four vacancies.
  2. With regard to expenses as compared to revenue from rental income and Congregate Subsidy, expenditures are approximately 10% on utilities, 33% on maintenance, 10% on insurance and 47% on administrative costs.
  3. Capital Improvements – CHFA is reviewing the plans and it is hoped to hear back from them this week. Once CHFA approves the plans, a set of plans will be provided to Megan Murphy, the Fire Marshall and Bob Dunn, Building Director for Trumbull for their review.  Polansky will also get on the schedule for the State’s Bond Committee in order for them to approve the capital improvements.
  4. Congregate – an application is being submitted for critical needs for the Congregate. This will be for a new generator, new fire protection systems, parts for the boilers and a ventilation system for the kitchen.  She is also asking UI for energy incentives for the boiler and ventilation system.
  5. Working with the insurance provider on a community give-back program in hopes of getting a large screen TV and Wii for the Congregants.
  6. Medicare Savings Program – Paulette and Ms. Polansky held resident meetings regarding the Medicare Savings Program that affects many of the residents. The termination or reduction in this program will be disastrous for the residents.  She is contacting the Trumbull legislators, the media and posting on Facebook.  Polansky noted some residents have volunteered to go before the press on this issue.  As of this date, no bus is being scheduled to bring residents to Hartford to speak.
  7. New Nurse – Tori Benoit is the Town’s new geriatric nurse. She will be doing informative presentations for the residents as well as be on hand to discuss residents’ issues.  Polansky will post her schedule when it is set.

Unfinished Business

No Unfinished Business.

New Business

No New Business.

Updates from the Duly Elected Stern Village Resident Association

Maureen spoke on the Medicare Savings Program noting she has been working with the residents to call or write to the legislators regarding this.  She is also working with AARP on this issue.  She noted how devastating the reductions would be for the residents to the point of some not being able to afford everything they need.  We must work with the legislators to keep this program intact.  She also noted that pizza night was good.

Resident Comments

Jim – spoke on the condition of the roads noting the many potholes in the Village.  Residents who walk with walkers and canes are in danger of falling which is something the THA cannot afford.  He felt there was enough money in the accounts to fix the potholes.  Proposed improvements are still a long way in the future and may not be started until next year.  He stated it is the responsibility of the Town of Trumbull and the THA to take care of such problems and asked the Board members to take a walk with him after the meeting to observe the condition of the roads.

Sandy – spoke on the Medicare Savings Program noting that reductions will be personally devastating.  She would like to get a petition for the residents to sign.  Why do the legislators in the state go after the senior citizens?  She felt the apathy among the seniors needed to be eliminated.

Mark – spoke on the Medicare Savings Program and asked why it happened all of a sudden.  The residents have worked all their lives or as long as they could and now the State takes the money away.

John – spoke on the Medicare Savings Program noting that he has been calling but was unable to get through.  He spoke at the last meeting regarding going to Hartford and he noted he would help organize a bus if some of the residents want to go.

Mr. Sutherland asked if Ms. Polansky if she heard from David Rutigliano and Marilyn Moore.  Ms. Polansky noted she did speak with David Rutigliano.  They are putting some funding into the plan.  She has not heard back from Marilyn Moore.

Christiane – noted she is disappointed in the THA.  She was locked out of her house recently and felt that the facility did not appropriately respond.  She felt she was being yelled at because of the situation.

Michelle – thank you to EMS for their prompt response to her call recently.  She noted she also called David Rutigliano and Ben McGorty and did not get any response.

Bob – spoke on the income being removed from the seniors noting laws are being passed to take money from the seniors and to give to mental health programs.  Wanted to know why this was happening.

Mr. Sutherland noted the State of Connecticut has not recovered from the recession and that revenue is down.

Mark – noted that some apartments need improvement with new windows and doors.  Mrs. Kopchik and Mr. Sutherland noted these issues would be addressed by the grants.


There being no further business, motion was made by Mrs. Kopchik to adjourn the meeting at 4:35 pm.  Seconded by Mr. Sutherland and approved unanimously.


Respectfully submitted,


Barbara Crandall






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