Minutes THA July 2014

Trumbull Housing Authority
July 28, 2014
4:00 pm
Community Room of Stern Village

Commissioners Present: Vice-Chairman Linda Nassrah, Suzanne Donofrio, Thelma Burr.

Also Present: Executive Director Harriet Polansky

Commissioners Absent: Susan Fatse, Janice Kopchik

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 pm by Vice-Chairman Nassrah. Roll call was conducted followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Past Minutes
Motion was made by Ms. Nassrah to approve the minutes of the THA of June 23, 2014 as written. Seconded by Mrs. Donofrio and approved unanimously.

Public Comment
No public comment.

Treasurer’s Report
Mrs. Burr noted all bills are paid for the month of July.

Executive Director’s Report
Financial Summary – Year Ended June 30, 2014.
The fiscal year ended on June 30, 2014 and on July 1st, we started our new year.
Stern Village and Stern Center had an overall loss for the year of $8,088. Costs were aligned with the projected costs for all the services put into the budget for the entire year. The loss can be attributed to a decrease in income due to vacancies, which was approximately $10,000, as well as the increased costs in rehabilitating the congregate and village apartments. As of now the congregate is fully occupied. The village has 8 unoccupied apartments and 3 of those apartments will be occupied by August 1st.
Some expenses were higher.
-Utilities increased approximately 26% over the budget due to usage & rates increased. The new lights should provide a savings realized for the new year.
-Maintenance supplies increased due to rehabilitating congregate and village apartments.
However, contract services are lower since we are using our own employees. We had additional legal costs which are being offset by lower costs to date in property insurance premiums for the complex. Our overall performance for the year shows a loss of less than 1% after receiving the State subsidy for the congregate.
Currently our reserve balance is over $1,412,000. This is approximately $6,359 for each unit in the entire complex. Our overall cash position as of June 30, 2014 shows a balance of $1,597,000. We have Accounts Payable as of June 30, 2014 in the amount of $74,148 which includes our P.I.L.O.T amounting to $40,500.
In the past year some capital improvements were made in both the village and the congregate and the expenditure was $91,100. This included
– new appliances and hot water heaters for $19,000,
– a new roof for the congregate for $38,000
– new air conditioners for the congregate for $8,250
– repair of the electrical and sprinkler system in the congregate for $4,700
– installation of speed bumps in the parking lot, cameras, signage, added handicapped parking spaces for $4,450
– electrical/emergency preparedness amounted to $5,450
– other miscellaneous improvements in the amount of $11,250.

A used golf cart was obtained through a donation from RD Scinto (special thanks to Don Scinto), the Wii with 4 remotes and games was provided to us from Aquarion Water Company, the Trumbull Rotary Club funded our directional signs and in the community room we were able to obtain a new large TV with the help of a grant from the State.
Handicapped Parking in Second Circle.
There are 2 handicap parking spaces in the second circle with 13 residents that have handicapped stickers that live near the circle. Residents are competing for these spaces, many leave their car in these spaces for days at time. Several residents have been complaining that it’s not fair that a few residents monopolize the spaces. Mrs. Polansky has spoken with many of the residents about being courteous to their neighbors and not monopolizing the spaces but no change has been noticed. Maintenance would prefer removing these 2 spaces to make it easier for them to plow in the winter and for general grounds-keeping. Mrs. Polansky plans on removing these spaces and maintenance will create additional handicapped parking spaces near the circle. She intends on sending a letter to notify these 13 residents that these spaces will be removed on August 2. Additional handicapped parking will be created in the 1st circle.

Building and Grounds
We are in the process of clearing many areas that are overgrown. Several bushes need to be trimmed, areas along the woods need to be cut back, areas near units need to be cleared so residents can have picnic tables and have a nice area outside. We have drainage issues and have purchased the equipment to create appropriate drainage. We are going to power wash roofs and sidings that need it. Mrs. Polansky is working with Jeff to get this taken care of within the next few weeks.

Thanks to CHFA, they have provided us with Kim from TOVAH. Tovah means TRANSFORMING OUTCOMES FOR VIBRANT AFFORDABLE HOUSING. Kim’s service is free to us. CHFA is paying for her to educate the residents, create a new Resident Council for Stern Village, provide training for elected officials of the organization as well as find sources of funds. This will be duly elected, constituted and incorporated. It will also be registered as a non-profit, in order for the Resident Council to apply for grants and get donations. Kim was here last Tuesday for an initial meeting to discuss the purpose of the Council and provided lots of information on how this will be formed. Kim will be mailing information to all the residents. It was noted there will be a meeting on August 19 for further information on the council and in September, those who wish to run for office will be allowed to speak to the residents. With the current Tenants Association in the village, the THA is working with the state regarding the formation of the council.

Mrs. Polansky is extremely excited about working as a TEAM. Residents are intelligent, helpful and concerned about their neighbors and the Stern Village community. They have great ideas. She would like to become the model public housing authority CT and knows we can work together to make this the best place to live. It’s all about team work. As you know, there is no I in team and together everyone achieves more.

Unfinished Business

New Business
Environmental Consultants
In order to request funding from the State for our rehabilitation and renovations, the THA must engage with an Environmental Consultant and an Architect. This is mandatory and part of our pre-development phase. Based on Millennium’s years of experience, we budgeted $23,000 for the Environmental Consultant.

Six responses to the RFQ for the Environmental Consultant were received. Bruce Whittaker & Frank Stellato of Millennium, Neil Gerhardt and Mrs. Polansky reviewed the proposals. Out of the six responses, it was narrowed down to two firms. Bruce and Frank discussed the process and the recommendation. It was noted that references have been checked. This will cost approximately $18,000-$19,000. The two firms are Cardno and Fuss & O’Neil. After discussion of both firms, it was moved by Ms. Nassrah to choose Cardno to be the environmental consultant. Seconded by Mrs. Burr and approved unanimously.

Eviction Matter in the Congregate
It was noted that Mrs. Polansky has been working with the attorneys and the board to come to an agreement regarding a tenant in the congregate. Motion was made by Ms. Nassrah to allow Mrs. Polansky to resolve this matter. Seconded by Mrs. Donofrio and approved unanimously.

There being no further business, motion was made by Mrs. Donofrio, seconded by Ms. Nassrah, to adjourn the meeting at 4:32 pm. Approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Crandall

These minutes are considered a draft until approved at the next meeting by the Trumbull Housing Authority.

THA Board Minutes for July 28, 2014

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