Minutes THA July 2016

Trumbull Housing Authority
July 25, 2016
4:00 pm
Community Room of Stern Village

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Janice Kopchik; Commissioners Susan Fatse and Thelma Burr
Also Present: Executive Director Harriet Polansky
Commissioners Absent: Suzanne Donofrio

The meeting was called to order at 4:10 pm by Chairman Kopchik. Roll call was conducted followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Past Minutes
The following correction was made to the June 20, 2016 minutes:
1. Page 2, second paragraph second to last line should read: “Jeff, Bob and Rene received several rounds of applause.”
Motion was made by Mrs. Kopchik to approve the minutes of June 20, 2016 as amended. Seconded by Mrs. Fatse and approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report
Mrs. Burr reported for the period ending June 30, 2016. Stern Village and Stern Center had an overall loss of $28,036. This is entirely attributable to the various vacancies in the Village and the Center which reduces the rental income. We have reduced and maintained the expense structure. All vendors are paid currently. The current Accounts Payable amounts to $55,128 which includes the PILOT payments accruing for the current year ending June 30, 2016. The cash position is healthy at the present time. The Village cash position has approximately $15,873 and the Center’s cash position is $24,890.

Executive Director’s Report
Ms. Polansky noted the new fiscal year is off to a great start. She thanked Governor Malloy for allocating $800,000 from the Small Cities Funds to be used for ductless split heat pumps for 186 apartments. She also thanked First Selectman Herbst for applying for the grant on behalf of Stern Village; Senators Moore and Hwang and State Representatives Laura Devlin, David Rutigliano and Ben McGorty for writing letters in support of the heat pumps; Chief of Staff Lynn Arnow; Director of Economic, Community Development Rina Bakalar; Land Use Planner Rob Librandi and everyone from the town who worked on this time sensitive and intensive application with consultant Larry Wagner. She also thanked the residents, care givers and friends of Stern Village who wrote letters in support. She has been working with the engineer on the type of heat pump appropriate for Stern Village and started figuring out locations. A meeting will be held on Wednesday, July 27 with Frank from Millennium, Mark the Engineer from Acorn, George Wiles the architect, Neil, Ms. Polansky, representatives from the town and the Small Cities Consultant to discuss the next steps. This is a process. The town must receive the funds before this project can move forward. Once decisions are made on the pumps, they will have to go out to bid. No time frame has been developed for completion as it depends on the state to process the funds.

The application for funding for the redevelopment and revitalization of Stern Village is in the hands of DOH. Ms. Polansky noted they may hear something in August on this funding.
Laundry rooms and the community room will be open daily at 7:00 am.
More security cameras are being added in the Congregate.
Ms. Polansky is also looking into the best solution to make it easier for congregants to open the inner door of the Congregate. It appears that Stanley Access Technologies has the best solution and she is waiting for an estimate. It is felt that a FOB system to unlock the door would make it easier.
The Asset Manager from CHFA conducted a site visit last Thursday and it went extremely well.
Ms. Polansky is going to open the wait list for the Village for a few weeks August 1. Currently there are 14 vacancies. Ten units will be kept as hotel units but the remaining will be filled until we hear from the State.

Unfinished Business
Reading and approval of the minutes from the Special Board meeting held on May 9, 2016 was tabled until the next meeting.

New Business
No new business.

Resident Comments
Pat – thank you for the $800,000 and all the work that has been done. Complimented the cleanliness of the laundry rooms. They were all scrubbed and repainted. Pat asked about a push-button to open the door in the Congregate like we have for the Community Room. Ms. Polansky noted this can’t be done for security reasons.
Joan – noted that if the money is not received for the revitalization, all she wants is new windows and floors. Ms. Polansky stated she is lucky to have an apartment that is better than some of the others. It is not only the apartments that need updating but also the roads, sidewalks, storm management system and sanitary system. Energy efficient updates must also be made. All the apartments must be updated, including but not limited to the roofs, doors, windows, cabinets and floors.
Lee – questioned when the duct work is done for the heat and air conditioning, will the residents have to leave their apartments. Ms. Polansky noted no one would be displaced.
Sandy – everyone did a great job on the laundry room and it is very nice. Use of the laundry room was discussed. Ms. Polansky will make sure it is cleaned more often.
Additional discussion was held regarding the windows. They are old and very hard to open. Anyone who has a problem should put in a work order.
Colleen – had a concern about the busses. Ms. Polansky noted it is planned to have a designated bus for Stern Village that would be available three days a week that can be used for shopping and appointments.
Pat – asked if there could be a change in placing green stickers on the windows of cars. He suggested that there be a warning given and then if there is a second offense, the sticker be used. This sticker is for parking violations. Handicapped parking spaces were discussed. Ms. Polansky is aware of the need for additional spaces throughout the Village. Assigned parking was discussed. Ms. Polansky noted this may be addressed in the revitalization.

There being no further business, Mrs. Kopchik motioned to adjourn the meeting at 4:43 pm. Seconded by Mrs. Fatse and approved unanimously.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Crandall

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