Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Stern Village Minutes February 2015


Ms. Polansky called a separate meeting at 12:10 p.m. with the Revitalization and Rehabilitation Development Advisory Committee Members.

The second meeting was called at 12:40 p.m. with the residents of the THA

Present: Ms. Harriet Polansky
Ms. Paulette Mack
Mr. Neil Gerhardt

Ms. Polansky mentioned that she will meet with UI this month to discuss the project and energy efficiencies that will be incorporated into the units. Based on the scope of the project. UI will review and provide a letter of commitment, to help defray the cost of the project. This letter of commitment is required by CHFA and DOH prior to the April funding.

Ms. Polansky also mentioned that the THA Development Team met with First Selectman Timothy Herbst and the Director of Planning and Zoning. They are very excited about this project for Stern Village.

The deadline to submit funding for this project is April 20, 2015. Notification will most like be sometime this summer. If funding is awarded, we hope to start the project the spring/summer of 2016.

The State suggested for Stern Village to cut back the cost of development. That was accomplished by proposing a smaller Community Center with an attached 2-story resident building having 18 unit, some will be ADA compliant. This 2-story building will have 18 replacement units.

-The Community Center will consists of administration offices, community kitchen, beauty salon, large bathrooms with three stalls (women and men) and ADA compliant, computer room, offices for Nurse and counselors and arts and crafts room. A separate movie room is not included, due to the cost.

-It is anticipated that four (4) buildings and the two (2) apartments that are connected to the Community Center will most likely be demolished for this project.

For LIHTCs, the State requires that we have a syndicator or an investor. RFQs were sent to several companies. The responses are due the end of February for evaluation.

Relocation was also mentioned. Ms. Polansky will retain a Relocation Specialist for this project to coordinate and assist the moving process for residents. Renting storage pods will considered.

Sub-surfaced investigation. Sometime next week, the firm GeoTech will mark areas around Stern Village and drill the week of February 23rd, to determine the type of soil/rock. Ms. Polansky stressed to the committee and residents that the drilling process will be disruptive and noisy, however, it’s extremely important prior to construction. Doing the sub-surface investigation is vital to the construction process and will save thousands of dollars down the road.

Ms. Polansky and the Development Team will meet with State Senators and State Representatives concerning the project.

The next meeting date is yet to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 1:13 p.m.

Submitted by,

Paulette Mack
Resident Services Coordinator

THA Minutes for February 23 2015

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