Revitalization and Rehabilitation of Stern Village Minutes December 2014


Ms. Polansky called a separate meeting at 10:15 am for the newly-elected, 9 member Development Advisory Committee. Ms. Polansky congratulated the Development Advisory Committee. This is the first meeting of two scheduled on today. The second meeting scheduled at 10:30 am with the Development Advisory Committee, Stern Village residents and the THA Development Team.

Present: Ms. Harriet Polansky
Ms. Paulette Mack
Mr. Neil Gerhardt
Mr. Brandt Jobst, Wiles Architect
Mr. Frank Stellato, Millennium Associate Director
Ms. Nancy Bonitatibus
Mr. Roberto Cortes
Mr. Edward Horan
Mr. John Koch
Ms. Gloria Lanham
Ms. June Leonard
Mr. Bob Lewis
Ms. Lisa Manzione
Mr. Joe Ventura

Mr. Stellato was on conference call as he briefly explained the process that lead to the meeting with the State and the outcome. Ms. Polansky explained the Capital Needs Assessment (CNA) to the group and briefly touched the conceptual development stage for Stern Village. Mr. Stellato discussed that we should get feedback from the State mid-January.

It was suggested by Ms. Nancy Bonitatibus to utilize the ballot box as a suggestion box, for the development.

Ms. Polansky called the second meeting at 10:47 am to conduct a PowerPoint presentation of the draft proposal that was presented to the State. Ms. Polansky explained each slide and the main objective of this project is to have residents to age in place. The State was made aware from the Development Team of the poor and hazardous pathways/walkways, limited parking and small dwelling. CNA did not consider roof replacements or efficient heating to decrease UI bills.

Mr. Jobst discussed each conceptual plan. Plan E was very costly. The THA Team focused on Plan F.
Mr. Jobst stated that Plan F will allow for additional parking and easy access for the 1st responders.

Each new apartment will have a three season room, new insulation, heat pumps, sound barriers and many other energy efficiencies. The base board heater will remain in the apartments. Mr. Jobst also stated the need to have parking spaces within proximity of the residents’ units. The current efficiency apartment is approximately 325 sq. ft. and with the revitalization process, the efficiency apartment will be approximately 500 sq. ft. The new 2-story building may consists of 24 apartments, approximately 625 sq. ft. The State realized the current square footage is too small.

Minimal demolition will occur on the property. Residents will not move from Stern Village during the renovations. There will be newly rehabbed units for residents to move into.

The proposed Community Building will be a HUB for services and amenities. It will have a food pantry, larger bathrooms, offices for our nurse and counselors, a room for wellness programs and activities, a movie and lecture room, a salon, a commercial kitchen, an arts & crafts room and administration offices for Harriet, Paulette, Heather and Neil.

The Community Building may have solar panels to promote green energy.

The residents asked questions that were answered by Ms. Polansky and Mr. Jobst.
Ms. Polansky reiterated that these are concepts only, and we are waiting feedback from the State.

The residents were very pleased with the PowerPoint presentation.

The next meeting date is yet to be determined.

Meeting adjourned at 11:40 am.

Submitted by,
Paulette Mack
Resident Service Coordinator


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