Minutes THA February 2018

Trumbull Housing Authority Meeting
February 26, 2018
4:00 pm
Community Room of Stern Village

Commissioners Present: Chairman Janice Kopchick, Suzanne Donofrio, Douglas Sutherland

Also Present: Executive Director Harriet Polansky

Commissioners Absent: Deborah Dowd, Paul Niebuhr

The meeting was called to order at 4:05 pm by Chairman Kopchik. This was followed by Roll Call and the Pledge of Allegiance.

Past Minutes
Ms. Polansky presented the following changes to the minutes of January 22, 2017:
1. All mention of FOI should read FOIA.
2. Under Treasurer’s Report – second line should read – “Stern Center currently have an…”
3. Page 2 – 6th paragraph, third line – “Once the CHFA Technical Department”…
4. Page 4 – second name should be Christiane.
5. Page 5 – Third paragraph names should read – “Maureen Bova, Renee Werthman, Gloria Lanham, John Koch, Ralph Claudio, Nick Verrtucci, Robert Lee, Victor Fontanez, Josephine Rivera, Ida Demore, Jacqueline Connelly, Gus Aquino, Joyce Aquino, James Juliano, Sandy Fisher, Barbara Lucas, Cheryle Pettus, Robert Cortez, John Balawender and Vera Malesky>”
6. Page 6 – paragraph 6 third line should read – “You can basically rule out camera location”…
7. Page 6 – paragraph 3, third line should read – “…ensure residents’ best interest and not necessarily…”
8. Page 6 – paragraph 5, second line should read – “…noted that the THA is a public board.”
9. Page 7 – paragraph 2 should read – “Mrs. Penkoff”.
Mrs. Kopchik motioned to approve the minutes of January 22, 2017 as amended. Seconded by Mr. Sutherland and approved.

Treasurer’s Report
Ms. Polansky reported for the Trumbull Housing Authority for the period ending January 31, 2018. Stern Village and Stern Center currently have an overall gain of approximately $126,088. The current reserve balance is $745,551 which is approximately $3,358 for each unit in the entire complex.

Executive Director’s Report
Ms. Polansky reported the overall cash position as of January 31, 2018 is $728,578 including the investment account. Accounts Payable is approximately $109,155 including the PILOT accrual for the current and prior year. As of the present time, the Village has fifteen vacancies which are in the process of being prepped and sanitized and the Congregate has one vacancy. As of now, there will be three occupancies by the end of March. Applicants are being interviewed.
Ms. Polansky noted they had a great Valentine’s Day. It was filled with cards, flowers, prizes for wearing red and kindness rocks. This was the fourth year the Nichol’s Garden Club provided beautiful floral arrangements for the residents over 90 and for the women of the SV Resident Association. Residents also received cards from Girls Scouts and goodies from Ms. Molloy’s Jane Ryan Kindergarten class.

The residents love the new washers and dryers. Additional platforms are on order and should take about two months to be installed. She is hoping to get another card machine for the laundry room on the hill.

Ms. Polansky met with a Boy Scout who would like to make a Bocce Ball Court for the residents. He is hoping to start the project in the spring. It will be in front of the Congregate directly across from the Maintenance office.

Ms. Polansky is working on fulfilling the paperwork for CHFA in order for them to provide final approval on the plans for the capital improvements that will be made to Stern Village.

The Town of Trumbull will be applying for Small Cities funding this April for $800,000. If awarded, the funds will be used to purchase and install new energy-efficient windows at 186 apartments at Stern Village.

In December 2017, the THA was awarded $5,286,139 for capital improvements to Stern Village based on the 2017 SSHP application. When Ms. Polansky applied for the 2017 SSHP application, she used Small Cities funding as a potential source of funds for windows for the 186 apartments in Stern Village. The windows are over 20 years old and are made of wood, single pane and rotting. This causes drafts which affects the health and well-being of Stern Village residents. The loss of heat has an impact on the residents’ heating bills. New windows will help to improve residents’ health and provide a safer environment. The Town Council needs to grant approval for the Small Cities Application on their behalf. She will be meeting with a committee of the Town Council to discuss this. Ms. Polansky read parts of a letter she received from the legislative team regarding this project. She also encouraged residents write letters about the issues with the windows.

Ms. Polansky noted she has been the Executive Director for five years and has worked hard to improve the quality of life for our elderly and young disabled residents.

Unfinished Business
Mrs. Kopchik noted last month it was decided to hold off a motion on the videotaping policy. She again noted the THA Commissioners are committed to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents and she has enjoyed the relationship fostered with the residents and want to gain their trust. We want the residents to attend the Board meetings and we want them to feel they can come and express their concerns without any backlash. They spoke with the Trumbull Housing legal counsel and, per them, anyone can video tape regardless of the Boards permission. However, the Board can set up procedures that can limit the interference with the meeting.

A following Video Taping Policy was read.
Any person, newspaper or radio broadcasting company or television broadcasting company intending to record, photograph, broadcast or record all or part of our public meeting must demonstrate that the recordings will be accomplished as inconspicuously as possible and in such a manner as not to disturb the proceedings of the Trumbull Housing Authority Board of Commissioners meeting.

Mrs. Kopchik added to the motion that the Board would rearrange the agenda for the meeting. Resident Comments will come after the meeting. There will be no resident comments where the residents are uncomfortable coming up with personal issues. Your voice has been heard so after the meeting, if there is anything the residents want to bring up the Board will listen.

Mr. Sutherland noted this type of meeting is illegal under FOIA.

Motion was made by Mrs. Kopchik to approve the above Video Taping Policy. Seconded by Mrs. Donofrio. Mr. Sutherland opposed. Motion approved.

New Business
No New Business.

Stern Village Resident Association
No update.

There being no further business, motion was made by Mrs. Kopchik to adjourn the meeting at 4:17 pm. Seconded by Mrs. Donofrio and approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Barbara Crandall

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