Minutes Special THA September 2016

Trumbull Housing Authority
September 6, 2016
4:00 pm
Community Room of Stern Village

Commissioners Present: Chairman, Janice Kopchik; Commissioners Susan Fatse and Thelma Burr

Also Present: Executive Director Harriet Polansky; George Wiles, Wiles + Architects

Commissioners Absent: Suzanne Donofrio

The meeting was called to order at 4:07 pm by Chairman Kopchik. Roll call was conducted followed by the Pledge of Allegiance.

Please Note: These minutes are considered a draft until approved at the next meeting of the Trumbull Housing Authority.

Mrs. Kopchik noted the reason for the special board meeting was to discuss the possible action regarding an addendum to the approved AIA contract for Wiles + Architects’ participation and involvement in the heat pump procurement/installation process, as part of the Small Cities Grant awarded to the Town of Trumbull to be used for heat pumps for the 186 units in Stern Village.

Ms. Polansky noted the Town of Trumbull is the recipient of the Small Cities Grant for $800,000 that will be provided to the Trumbull Housing Authority towards heat pumps for 186 units. There will be additional costs accrued for our Stern Village Energy Improvement-Heat Pump Project. One cost is for Architect George Wiles’ participation in the Stern Village Energy Improvement-Heat Pump Project. Mr. Wiles submitted an estimate to the Board outlining his participation for this project which became the addendum to the original AIA contract. Ms. Polansky noted heat pumps were included in the redevelopment and revitalization plan as part of the energy efficiency upgrades for Stern Village. Now that this grant has been awarded, they are taking the heat pump portion of the project out of the larger redevelopment and revitalization plan. UI provided the THA with a letter of intent (LOI) for all the different upgrades, including heat pumps, as part of the 2016 SHSP funding application submitted by the THA.
Ms. Polansky explained that Wiles + Architects have been an integral part of the redevelopment and revitalization project and funding asks for Stern Village, which included heat pumps. The reason for the amendment to the original architect agreement is to keep the expenses separate for purposes of basis eligible costs for the tax credit project. In other words, the construction hard costs as well as any architectural, legal, etc. costs can’t be considered as part of tax credit basis if funded through grants, which is what both the Small Cities Funds and Utility Incentives are considered for LIHTC purposes. The base architect’s contract allows for hourly billings for additional services as instructed by the owner. We’re not asking for an approval of an expanded scope, but rather clearly delineating the costs associated with the heat pump project from that of the base contract. If the heat pump project was not in the base contract, then we would have had to procure the architectural team separately.
The system is to be evolved from design, development and concept to formal design as specified by the project engineer for bidding and permitting. The final design will meet or exceed the design requirements for the initiatives. The design team will identify upgrade options that may translate to higher incentives. Such options will be considered as alternatives for the bidding process. Once the project has been bid, final product will be selected and final plans will be made. UI will present a formal agreement which will quantify the incentives.

Ms. Polansky is asking the Board to approve the first amendment to the approved AIA agreement.

Mr. Wiles spoke on the involvement of his firm with this project. He noted the heat pumps would be removed from the larger project and processed separately with all separate paperwork, bids, specifications, etc. All work must be coordinated with the Small Cities Grant in order for this project to move forward. His firm will also monitor installation of the units and make sure the guarantees and warrantees for the equipment are put into a book and maintained for the future.

Mrs. Kopchik motioned to approve the first amendment between owner and the AIA Agreement. Seconded by Mrs. Fatse and approved unanimously.

Resident Comments
Sandy – questioned how the equipment would be chosen, reliability of equipment, etc. Mr. Wiles noted once the units are installed, the contractor is required by the state to guarantee everything for one year. There are also extended warrantees for parts of the equipment beyond that one year.

Pat – will this be put out to bid to choose what we want or will it be one style. Mr. Wiles noted that this has to go to public bid. Project documents will be completed to describe the work in detail. It will be advertised publicly and anyone can bid. A bid bond will be required of 5-10% and qualification of the bidders will be requested so that references can be contacted. In public bidding it is very difficult to take anyone but the lower bidder unless there is a significant problem that would eliminate them.

Joan – questioned if there would be one unit per apartment or one unit for the four apartments. Mr. Wiles noted it would be four individual units with the compressor outside with another component inside. The units will be protected but will need to be cleared in the event of a large snow storm.

Judy – is the person who does the work also responsible for the maintenance and warrantee; otherwise it might become confusing. Mr. Wiles noted there are regulations on contracts, bidding and construction. This will be evaluated at the time of installation. Units adjust to keep everything at a comfortable temperature.

Renee – when will this start. The start date is dependent upon when all requirements are met.

Mr. Wiles noted the bid bond will eliminate some contractors as it is not refundable.

Ms. Polansky noted Bob Dunn from the Building Department of the Town of Trumbull will also be part of the team.

There being no further business, Mrs. Kopchik motioned to adjourn the meeting at 4:37 pm. Seconded by Mrs. Fatse and approved unanimously.
Respectfully submitted

Barbara Crandall


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