Heat Pump Facts

The Facts about Ductless Heat Pumps

 It’s amazing the amount of misinformation and rumors being spread by the Stern Village Tenants’ Association which is NOT recognized by the Trumbull Housing Authority Board of Commissioners.

A heartfelt thank you goes to the Town of Trumbull for applying for the Small Cities Grant in 2016. The grant was for ductless heat pumps for 186 units in Stern Village. You should have them this spring!

Meeting with Residents

Over the course of several months, we conducted resident meetings to discuss the benefits of the ductless heat pumps to improve your quality of life and save on your electric bills. I have answered all your questions. I have had our Architect George Wiles at Board Meetings to discuss how efficient the heat pumps are. And, I have lots of letters from residents and caregivers requesting the heat pumps!

 Get the Facts

-We are not taking out the old electric baseboard heat. It will remain operational.

-If residents do not want to use the Heat Pumps to reduce their heating bills we can turn it off and you will remain on the old electric baseboard heat.

Residents have the freedom to remain on costly electrical heating.

No one will force you to use it. However, it will be installed in every unit.

Every Unit Will Have a Heat Pump

-Ductless heat pumps are small and will be mounted high above your living space delivering even heating and cooling throughout. Floor mounted units are not being used to save you value living unit floor space. These identical systems are being used in several other State wide Elderly Housing developments and are well liked by residents for comfort and energy efficiency.

-Heat pumps use a small, exterior condenser to transfer heat from the outside air directly to the inside unit, offering a number of tangible benefits:

Money savings – High on most people’s list of benefits is the money you’ll save with a ductless heat pump. You will see a significant savings on your UI bills depending upon the comfort temperature you select.

Live in Comfort – Ductless heat pumps provide heating and air conditioning to your space giving you comfort all year round with one unit. No need for window air conditioners. Window units are inefficient and very costly to operate.

Better air quality – Ductless heat pumps have multiple filters and deliver air directly from the outdoors to your room, avoiding allergens. Those with allergies and breathing issues will also enjoy this benefit.

Lowers the carbon footprint – A ductless heat pump reduces your carbon footprint through the significant reduction in energy usage. Each system meets UI guidelines and reduces energy usage by 60% over traditional electric options.

Energy efficiency, cost savings and positive environmental impact are all benefits of ductless heat pumps.