Income Limits

Applicants’ income can not exceed the following,  as of May 28, 2018, these amounts were as follows:

1 Person 2 Persons
$52,850 $60,4000


All applicants for Stern Village and Stern Center (Congregate) are subject to background screenings. Screenings includes landlord references, a national credit, a national criminal background check and an interview.  Applicants that make it through our screening process, will be put a Wait List. (The Wait List for Stern Village is based on a Lottery.)

The THA will verify income and other applicant information. False information submitted on applications will lead to permanent rejection. If you are rejected, you will receive a letter stating why.

Application for Stern Village

Applications are usually taken on a yearly basis, from July 1st – October 1st. Please call our office, 203-261-5740, on July 1st, to see if we are taking applications this year.

Click here to apply for Stern Village

Lottery Drawing for Stern Village

Those who apply and qualify will be put on a wait list, based on a lottery system.

Application for Stern Center – Congregate

Applications for the Congregate are taken all year long. Once you are screened and meet the criteria, you will be put on a Wait List.

Click here to apply for Stern Center – Congregate